Zinderende zielsverwanten

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Wed, 23/06/2021
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Gent

Zinderende zielsverwanten

In the mid-1960s Steve Reich picked four seconds out of 70 hours of audio recordings about the ‘Harlem Six’ that hed been sentenced to life. He had the fragment played on two tape recorders at slightly different speeds. Karel Goeyvaerts also devised a similar process for his radical Number 4, with ‘dead tones’.

Later, in works such as Four Organs, Reich's music evolved into a colorful kaleidoscope of subtly dancing rhythms. In Zum Wasserman Goeyvaerts beckoned to a conjuring dream world.

SPECTRA presents a dazzling sample of like-minded souls.


Steve Reich (°1936)
Come Out (1966)
Four Organs (1970)
Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
Sextet (1984)

Karel Goeyvaerts (1923 - 1993)
Number 4, with 'dead tones' (1952)
Zum Wassermann (1984)


SPECTRA o.l.v. Filip Rathé

Steve ReichKarel Goeyvaerts