Painted Pyramids

Past concerts

Fri, 08/05/2020
Music Centre De Bijloke, Ghent

Painted Pyramids


Painted Pyramids,
three of them.

Together with Gérard Grisey and Tristan Murail, Michaël Lévinas founded the Ensemble Itinéraire, the cradle and breeding ground of the french spectral music. For this ensemble he composed his Concerto pour un piano espace nr. 2, an acoustic quest for the space inside the piano. A small amplified ensemble plays together with electronically generated sounds, as if ‘within’ the resonating soundboard of the instrument. The sparkling water from Liszt’s caves of the Villa d’Este blends with the natural resonances of liturgical spaces in ages past.

In the same way as the ancient master architects, Luc Brewaeys constructs his Painted Pyramids with mathematical precision —packed with golden ratios — to colour them afterwards with a brilliant spectral palet in his typical exuberant fashion.

Where the early spectralists cautiously explored the boundaries between noise and pure sound in search of a new musical universe, iconoclast Raphaël Cendo makes distorted and saturated sounds without any restraint into his beloved construction material. The excessive energy released by these unorthdox sounds reminds of industrial and noise music. Corps is tangible music combining brutality and virtuosity with imagination and controlled chaos: perfectly suited for pianist Wilhem Latchoumia.


Raphaël Cendo (°1975)
Corps (2015)

Michaël Lévinas (°1959)
Concerto pour un piano espace nr. 2 (1980)

Luc Brewaeys (1959–2015)
Painted Pyramids (2006–2008)


SPECTRA conducted by Filip Rathé
Wilhem Latchoumia, piano