Eine schöne Müllerin

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Sat, 20/10/2018
Grote Aula Maria Theresia College, Leuven
Fri, 07/12/2018
Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Ghent
Sun, 09/12/2018
Konzerthaus, Blaibach (D)
Sat, 01/08/2020
Courtyard De Bijloke, Ghent
Sun, 02/08/2020
Courtyard De Bijloke, Ghent

Eine schöne Müllerin

“In my arranging and rearranging of images I’m like a child [...] I’m like a lunatic adorning my hair with dried flowers that are still alive in my dreams.”
Fernando Pessoa, Book of Disquiet, p. 193

A youngster, in search of a future, livelihood and love: euphoric dreams and lethal disillusions. Nothing new so far. Two centuries ago, Wilhelm Müller poetically captured this universal quest in a consciously naive style with folk-like simplicity, striving for a deep unconscious ardor in the shy articulation of what is most elevated. The burning result keeps smouldering into the present in Schubert's immortal melodies from Die schöne Müllerin, where a murmuring creek is the wordless companion of the ill-fated wanderer. For note whisperer Daan Janssens, this song cycle is the starting point for an updated reading of a topic transcending space and time. In this case, Schubert's composition itself is the guide to the exploratory voyage, at times sparkling at the surface only to submerge again as a deeply hidden undercurrent.

The confrontation with Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet places dreams and illusions in a different perspective, leading to a new song cycle subtly connecting Schubert's music with Daan Janssens’s personal language. The original score acts as a roadmap for a journey where recognition and alienation walk hand in hand in a sonorous labyrinth where all roads seem mysteriously connected.

In Eine schöne Müllerin, Daan Janssens constructs a series of tableaux for baritone and instrumental ensemble, in which the reverberations of the original linger on, reflected in the mirror of today.


Daan Janssens: Eine schöne Müllerin (2018)
Doppel-Zyklus for baritone and nine instruments after Die schöne Müllerin (Schubert/Müller) with additional texts by Fernando Pessoa

Commissioned by SPECTRA, Festival 20/21 and Muziekcentrum De Bijloke
Supported by the Ghent School of Arts/Conservatory Research Fund


SPECTRA, conducted by Filip Rathé
Thomas E. Bauer, baritone


Thomas E. Bauer(c)Marco BorggreveDaan Janssens(c)Kurt van der ElstThomas Blondelle (c) Simon Pauly


Creatie 20 oktober 2018 - Grote Aula Leuven De Standaard 22 oktober 2018